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T Minus 547 Days. (A.K.A. Day Zero)

So, here I am deciding to stop drinking, it's 2:54am on a Monday morning. I don't want to go into the reasons why. If you're reading this, you know the reasons and you don't need me to tell you. People who don't need or want to stop drinking don't read blogs like this.

You may be interested why I call today T-547? Well, I want to count down, not count up. I've found that when I count up, I find a false sense of achievement. I've had several false starts. Apparently, these "false starts" of quitting can be dangerous due to increasing the effects of withdrawal. Something called "Kindling?". I'm no doctor, but I have noticed a few times something slightly worse when I try to quit.

I quit smoking cold turkey by mentally thinking that I had to quit at some stage. It could be now [over ten years ago] or when I'm in hospital with lung cancer and aren't allowed to smoke. Either way, I have to go through withdrawal. That worked and I've not smoked for around 12 years now.

I'm going to do the same approach with drinking. I can either quit now and go through withdrawl, or I can go through it years down track when I'm in hospital dying.

I'm not going to use any support group - and I have a valid reason why I cannot do that which I cannot share. Some of you reading will know why that would be. If you don't know why, then don't fear using a support group!

So here I am on T-547. I have 547 days to go to meet my goal. Also known as Day zero if you want to count up.

How's my health? Well, in a single word it is terrible. You can click on the links below to use the devices I'm using to measure / track my health. I'd get a small commission if you buy the device via Amazon. It might go some way to helping me spend money on my family that I should not of spent on alcohol.

Weight: 248.1 pounds
Body Mass Index: 35.1
Body Fat: 35.6%
Visceral Fat: 17.2
EKG (6 Lead): O.k. No Atrial Defib
Blood Pressure: [While I'm drinking right now]: 147/99
Pulse: 89
Pulse While doing daily walk: 123 bpm
Wife Happiness Level: Very Bad.

A note on the wife happiness level - asking your wife to go and get you alcohol is not a positive.

I read somewhere that a doctor took the blood pressure of a heavy drinker who was about to quit. It was very high (like mine) and the Doctor just said "Man, you must feel like s**t?". I know that feeling right now.

I'm ready for a change in my life. I need that change. Please follow me on that journey.

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I'm stopping drinking. I hope I can help you too if that's what you want.

I've spent at least $100,000+ on alcohol in my life. I've had a highly successful career - but not as successful as I should have been. It's time for change.

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