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Night One


I had a horrible hang-over. It really was just a traditional epic handover, if you've had one.

I couldn't sleep until around 2am. I was listening to AM radio even to try calm my mind.

I didn't really have any withdrawal other than just wanting to sleep. Well, that said, I kept needing to go to the toilet. Night One is not the hardest. That's yet to come.

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Day Three - Fail again

Well, here I am again on my own... as the song says Was feeling sick again - I think the response is to start on a weekend. Not while working. Again, I don't think the wife is happy that I'm failing a

3:15 AM. Still drinking - T Minus 547 [again]

Hoping for a new start tomorrow (today?). Watching work related videos. I won't go into my work field... I just checked my blood pressure. 132/89 with a pulse rate of 80. I keep checking it to see if


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I'm stopping drinking. I hope I can help you too if that's what you want.

I've spent at least $100,000+ on alcohol in my life. I've had a highly successful career - but not as successful as I should have been. It's time for change.

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