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False Start - 5 Yard Penalty. Repeat 1st Down

So, unsurprisingly to many heavy drinkers, I've had a false start. I ended up drinking again tonight.

I feel pretty bad that I missed my star

t on this and know that I can't just keep saying "tomorrow". My wife is being nice but I know she's not impressed with my lack of dedication. Tomorrow....

I took my blood pressure again tonight. 149/99 with a pulse of 82.

That's still pretty high. I've read that it will clim

b higher when I quit for a short while. I'll let you know how that goes.

I won't post my results/vitals today noting that they shouldn't be really much different to yesterday's.

I did try to focus on improving other areas of my life today. Lots of vacuuming, eating healthy, ensuring the pets are happy. I just need to focus on myself tomorrow.

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I'm stopping drinking. I hope I can help you too if that's what you want.

I've spent at least $100,000+ on alcohol in my life. I've had a highly successful career - but not as successful as I should have been. It's time for change.

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