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Failed again on day two.

So, I disappointed myself and my family [again]. I had a horrible day where I just wanted to lay in bed. That I did for hours. That said, I didn't drink... until the evening [yeah, hats off for that, lol]

I had a terrible headache and a weird feeling in my mouth. If you've quitted smoking cold turkey, you'd know that feeling. I had an upset stomach for much of the day, felt dehydrated despite weighing high, and my blood pressure is pretty much as it was.

Throughout the day, the feeling of nausea was strong. My vehicle was in for a service, which was a shame as I typically use that as a break.

When I picked my truck up, I felt like driving to the store. I did. I shouldn't have. My wife was not happy and headed off to Mass [in fairness, it's Ash Wednesday]

Wish me luck on day three [ do I get to call it day three? :( ]

Weight: 247.6 pounds
Body Mass Index: 35.0
Body Fat: 35.8%
Visceral Fat: 17.6
EKG (6 Lead): O.k. No Atrial Defib
Blood Pressure: [While I'm drinking right now]: 139/100
Pulse: 100 [resting 87 but was in bed a lot]
Pulse While doing daily walk: 113 bpm
Wife Happiness Level: Very Bad.

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I'm stopping drinking. I hope I can help you too if that's what you want.

I've spent at least $100,000+ on alcohol in my life. I've had a highly successful career - but not as successful as I should have been. It's time for change.

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