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Day Three - Fail again

Well, here I am again on my own... as the song says

Was feeling sick again - I think the response is to start on a weekend. Not while working.

Again, I don't think the wife is happy that I'm failing again. Next chance, tomorrow. It has to happen.

Weight: 244.86 pounds
Body Mass Index: 35.0
Body Fat: 35.8%
Visceral Fat: 17.6
EKG (6 Lead): O.k. No Atrial Defib
Blood Pressure: [While I'm drinking right now]: 139/100
Pulse: 86 [resting 85 but was in bed a lot]
Pulse While doing daily walk: N/A - No walk today
Wife Happiness Level: Very Bad.

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I'm stopping drinking. I hope I can help you too if that's what you want.

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