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3:15 AM. Still drinking - T Minus 547 [again]

Hoping for a new start tomorrow (today?).

Watching work related videos. I won't go into my work field...

I just checked my blood pressure. 132/89 with a pulse rate of 80. I keep checking it to see if it is lower. I also put on a nice relaxing video to watch while the measurement is taken. If you stress, like I do at the doctors, I recommend a blood pressure monitor. This is the one I use.

I sent through a 6 lead EKG which a cardio doctor said was ok (no At. Fib).

So why do I have a blood pressure monitor? In my younger days I was diagnosed with "White Coat Syndrome". Some people say they have that as an excuse for high blood pressure, but I actually have it. I was given a 24-hour blood pressure monitor to where it wasn't high except for when I was at the doctor's office (well, technically, when I was briefing the CEO of the company each morning, that was high too).

I feel a bit disappointed that I'm drinking again tonight. I guess that is something I need to address tomorrow. As I said in my first post, I need to stop drinking now. If I don't, I'll have to stop drinking when I'm in hospital with organ failure.

I guess if you're reading this, you know my disappointment.

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I'm stopping drinking. I hope I can help you too if that's what you want.

I've spent at least $100,000+ on alcohol in my life. I've had a highly successful career - but not as successful as I should have been. It's time for change.

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