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Hi there.

I'm just a regular guy. You wouldn't know my problem if you met me on any regular day. If you met me at 6am on a Sunday morning, perhaps.

Don't feel bad if you have been drinking too much. It doesn't mean that you're dumb. It doesn't mean that you're from some lower class group. 

If you read my resume, you'd be surprised to know I've been drinking heavily for most of my adult life. I need to change that though. If you want to change that too, I hope you follow my story. 

I need to make some changes in my life for various reasons. I've been flagged a couple of times with having issues with alcohol. Typically, minor. 

I've spent a stupendous amount of money on alcohol in my life. Now I want to stop doing that. I'd appreciate donations to help me focus on my daughter. I'll post that link soon. In the meantime, if you find my content helpful, e-mail me and ask where you could send a check.

I know that many people look for timelines of people quitting drinking. So here I am. I did it for quitting smoking cold turkey as they say. Here I am doing the same with alcohol. 

Combatting this is difficult. I know that, and if you're reading this, you know that too. If you're struggling, reach and and contact me. I'll try help. 

Wish me [and yourself] luck!

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